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  • Why We Loved NFTYpalooza 2018!

    Shalom NFTY-CAR! On September 3rd we had our annual kickoff event.  This year’s theme was NFTYpalooza. Some highlights included: inflatables (like a jousting arena and human hungry hungry hippo), R & B City DJ, and live music from Six on Friday, our favorite local band.  It was a fun way to start off the new year, see all of our friends, and connect high schoolers in NFTY with teens from NFTY678, our middles school program.

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  • The Power of We

    In response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, communities across the country have come together to help protect our schools and our students. What makes this gun violence prevention movement different from groups in the past is that it is lead by teenagers.

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