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  • 5 Questions on NFTY Partnership!

    5 Questions on NFTY Partnership!  Shalom, our names are Lyla Prass and Audrey Honig! As NFTY-CAR’s Membership Vice President and Middle School Coordinator, we worked together to create a middle school experience that was meaningful and fun in the virtual space. We had the opportunity to learn many lessons this year about adults and teens

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  • Celebrating Our Highlights of NFTY 678

    So much to celebrate in NFTY678! By: Audrey Honig, NFTY-CAR Middle School Coordinator  Looking back at our NFTY-CAR middle school experiences this year, we have so much to smile about! While connecting virtually, we looked beyond the idea of simply “recreating” in-person NFTY experiences on the screen. Instead, we reimagined and brought creative energy to

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