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  • Regional Board Candidates 2021-2022

    Meet our Regional Board Candidates for 2021-2022 school year! Join NFTY-CAR for Kolbo this April 16-18 virtually as we elect next year’s regional board leaders. We are so proud of all of our candidates! Lyla Prass – Candidate for President Shalom NFTY! My name is Lyla Prass, I am a junior at Deerfield High School

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  • NFTY CAR Teens Work to Combat Vaccine Challenges for Chicagoland Seniors

    A note from Lyla Prass, NFTY CAR Membership Vice President: “Thank you for organizing the Zoom COVID meeting last night. How wonderful for the youth and adults to work together! The Debbie Friedman song, “And The Youth Shall See Visions” came to mind”, a participant wrote to Rabbi Prass after the COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Drive

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