Blog  Environmental Action – Follow Up From Summer Kallah

Environmental Action – Follow Up From Summer Kallah

Hi NFTYites!

As you transition back into school the school year, we want to urge you to continue to be conscious of the world around you. Here is a recap of some things we learned about and discussed at Summer Kallah 2016. With our focus on teva, or nature, we talked about the smaller things we can do to make an impact. Besides recycling and composting at home, you can look into local organizations including: Conserve Lake County (Lake County, IL), NRCS Wisconsin, Conservation Minnesota, and the Chicagoland Environmental Network. As a group, we also discussed the larger steps we can take to make a difference. Everyone can call their representative at the Capitol Switchboard (202.224.3121) and use the following script to urge your representative to pass legislation (The Green Climate Fund, information under legislative update).

Legislative Ask
I ask that Senator/Representative [Name] support President Obama’s budget request of $750 million to support the Green Climate Fund to help vulnerable communities adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Legislative Update (Courtesy of the RAC)
The Green Climate Fund is an international fund established to help poorer countries adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Many of these countries have more fragile ecosystems that are strongly affected by climate disruption and subsequent decreases in biodiversity and world food supply. The core purpose of the GCF is building the capability of developing nations to limit or reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and also adapt to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. The GCF aims to have $100 billion per year by 2020, and currently has over $10 billion, with pledges from more than 35 countries, including both developed and developing countries. 1 GCF has the potential to be the leading institution to support clean energy and resilience in the developing worlds. It has already approved its first eight investments, 2 including increasing the climate resilient infrastructure in Bangladesh, improving energy access through offgrid solar power in East Africa and providing access to clean freshwater in the Maldives. In November 2014, President Obama pledged to contribute $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund by 2020. President Obama included $500 million for the Green Climate Fund in his proposal for the fiscal year 2016 budget. Despite attempts to block the funding by some Members of Congress, the budget included provisions that allow the United States to contribute to the fund this year. The first $500 million deposit was made in March 2016.

We hope that as the year continues, each and every one of you work to find your voice in areas that you are passionate about, and that we can help with that.

B’Ahavah (With love),
Sophie Richardson NFTY Chicago SAVP
Alana Turnbull NFTY Northern SAVP