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Keynote Speaker


Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar

In 2011, Ameya Pawar was elected Alderman of Chicago’s 47th Ward. Ald. Pawar is the first Asian-American elected to the Chicago City Council. While running for office, Ald. Pawar discussed the need for aldermen to legislate on city-wide issues in addition to ensuring City services are delivered efficiently. Since taking office, Ald. Pawar has sponsored and passed eight pieces of city-wide legislation.

An independent Chicago Alderman and the youngest person serving on the City Council, Alderman Pawar has been dubbed the “anti-politics alderman.” You don’t want to miss the story of the campaign he led out of a bowling alley, with the help of his friends and a high school freshman from Oak Park.

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hannaharweHannah Arwe 

Restorative Justice: Imagining Community Accountability without Incarceration

This workshop will explore restorative justice as a long-standing but newly recognized concept for addressing violence and harm in communities. Participants will engage in interactive exercises to practice what it means to hold accountability and build community without punitive action.



Jake Beckert

Friend or Commodity, The Challenge of Peer Engagement, or: Why Inviting 1000 People on Facebook isn’t Making More People Come to Your Events

It doesn’t matter how awesome an event is if no one shows up for it – however, the harder we push our friends to come, the more turned off they sometimes feel. Come to discuss the challenges and workshop some solutions for the delicate recruitment balance every leader must find.


emilywhiteEmily Briskman and Emily White

Israel Engagement in an Intersectional World

We wear our religious, political, gender, sexual, ethnic and even Israel-related identities on our sleeves.  Though Israel may or may not be part of your Jewish identity – as Jews we are often expected to represent the Israeli narrative.  This session will give you the skills to engage in a variety of situations and conversations about Israel you may encounter when you get to college.



Dan Richter

To StartUp or Not to StartUp?

What does it take to be part of a StartUp, and how’s it different from a career at a large established company? So now that you’ve decided, where do you begin and what should you do? More importantly, what should you not do?



Ben Weiss

Redefining Strengths

Every leader works as part of a team. By redefining “strengths” and “weaknesses,” we can understand how to get the most out of our teams while keeping everyone engaged and happy.