Blog  Why We Loved NFTYpalooza 2018!

Why We Loved NFTYpalooza 2018!

Shalom NFTY-CAR! On September 3rd we had our annual kickoff event, NFTYpalooza! Some highlights included: inflatables (like a jousting arena and human hungry hungry hippo), R & B City DJ, and live music from Six on Friday, our favorite local band.  It was a fun way to start off the new year, see all of our friends, and connect high schoolers in NFTY with teens from NFTY678, our middles school program. Here’s what some participants loved about this event:

“I had a great time at NFTYpalooza because it was awesome to get to reunite with all of my friends after their long summer at camp while being able to play in all of the bouncy areas.  I love NFTY because it is a great place to network within the Jewish community from 6th graders to advisors.” – Eve Baumgartner , Senior at Saint Charles East High School.  

“In my experience, NFTY kickoff and NFTY as a whole has been a great outlet to connect with and have experiences with my Jewish friends that I do not get to see most of the year.  I go to a Jewish summer camp, but I don’t get to see many of these friends throughout the year so NFTY events have become something I look forward to all year. These events, like NFTYpalooza, give us time to make new memories in a camp setting, while also getting a Jewish education that I lack in my home life.  I can confidently say that without NFTY I would not be nearly as close with a huge group of people that I consider to be some of my closest friends.” – Ethan Ostrov, Junior at Highland Park High School.  

“NFTY is a place where I can see my friends, and where I have met some of the best people I know.  It is a place where I can celebrate the Jewish culture with my friends. The kickoff was a great place to reintroduce NFTY and show the new members what it is all about.  My life would not be the same without NFTY.” – Claire Hershenhouse, Sophomore at Glenbrook South High School

NFTYpalooza was a great reminder how much NFTY means to us (and also tons of fun). Thank you NFTY and OSRUI for an amazing kickoff event.  See you at NFTY CAR Fall Kallah, October 5-7 at OSRUI!

By Ellory Penner. To learn more about NFTY and NFTY-CAR, please contact