Blog  NFTY CAR Teens Work to Combat Vaccine Challenges for Chicagoland Seniors

NFTY CAR Teens Work to Combat Vaccine Challenges for Chicagoland Seniors

A note from Lyla Prass, NFTY CAR Membership Vice President:

“Thank you for organizing the Zoom COVID meeting last night. How wonderful for the youth and adults to work together! The Debbie Friedman song, “And The Youth Shall See Visions” came to mind”, a participant wrote to Rabbi Prass after the COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Drive on Sunday, February 28. NFTY CAR partnered with Congregations Beth Am and Makom Solel to hold this virtual event on Zoom for congregants in groups 1A and 1B. We felt that as healthy and technologically savvy teens it was important for us to give back and help our community in any way we possibly could.

As a result, we planned an hour long zoom meeting to help register those in our community who may not be as comfortable on the computer sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine. We left feeling a sense of accomplishment and contentment that we were able to uphold NFTY’s principles of kehila (community), shutafut (partnership), and most importantly tikkun olam (repairing the world) with those that are most vulnerable to the pandemic.

We are so excited for our next vaccine registration drive and expanding the service to other Reform Jewish senior citizens in the Chicagoland area!  If you are a NFTY teen interested in volunteering, you can email Lyla Prass, the NFTY CAR MVP at to learn more and join us!

Rabbi Prass, Rabbi Educator at Beth Am Congregation wrote:
2 Reform shuls working together, dayenu
10 NFTY-CAR teens volunteering to help ‘mature’ congregants, dayenu
All gathered to help a vulnerable demographic get the life saving vaccine appointment, dayenu
Teens learning how complicated the system is, dayenu
Seniors getting registered for the vaccine in ways that they couldn’t due to computer ignorance/nerves, dayenu
Teens saying they loved doing it and want to do it again, dayenu!
Seniors sending messages of appreciation, dayenu!