Blog  Regional Board Candidates 2021-2022

Regional Board Candidates 2021-2022

Meet our Regional Board Candidates for 2021-2022 school year!

Join NFTY-CAR for Kolbo this April 16-18 virtually as we elect next year’s regional board leaders. We are so proud of all of our candidates!

Lyla Prass – Candidate for President

Shalom NFTY! My name is Lyla Prass, I am a junior at Deerfield High School and am so excited to be running to be your President! I love to do the arts, Model UN, and Jewish activities. In my free time, I love to hang out with friends, watch New Girl, and have dance parties! I love NFTY because we get to make new friends, see old friends, and explore being Jewish in fun ways!

Read Lyla’s Letter of Intent 

Watch Lyla’s Speech

Noah Shapiro – Candidate for Programming Vice President

Shalom-ie my NFTY-CAR Homies!! My name is Noah Shapiro and I’m ecstatic to be running for NFTY-CAR’s 5781-82 Programming Vice President. In addition to currently serving as the regional Communications Vice President, I am a Junior at Deerfield High School, where I am active in Theatre and Choir, among other things. I love NFTY-CAR because I have seen the power that this Kehilah has to transform lives. Can’t wait to see you at elections!

Ania Sacks – Candidate for Social Action Vice President

Hey NFTY! I’m Ania Sacks and I’m running to be your next Social Action Vice President! I’m currently a Junior at OPRF and am the President of OPTY. In my free time, you can find me watching Netflix, working on art, playing the violin, and listening to music. NFTY is so special to me because it connects me to my Jewish community, helps me expand my leadership skills, and allows me to create so many amazing friendships!

Daryn Kaplan – Candidate for Religious and Cultural Vice President

Shalom NFTY-CAR! I’m Daryn Kaplan, I’m a junior at Evanston Township High School, and I’m running to be your 5781-5782 RCVP. I’m passionate about democracy and Judaism, and I love standup comedy and music. I thoroughly enjoy songleading and celebrating my Jewish identity in our NFTY kehillah, but outside of NFTY, I’m involved in jazz band and orchestra at school, and I volunteer on political campaigns.

Gabe Cook – Candidate for Religious and Cultural Vice President

Shalom NFTY, I’m Gabe Cook, a candidate for RCVP. I have been involved in Jewish youth activities my entire life. I am excited to bring my experiences to a leadership opportunity in NFTY CAR. I got my first guitar when I was three and have been playing ever since. I live in Champaign, enjoy cooking, biking and being Jewish! If we haven’t yet met, I am excited to meet you at elections!!!!!!!! Lehitraot, Gabe

Read Gabe’s Letter of Intent

Watch Gabe’s Speech

Molly Schless – Candidate for Membership Vice President

Molly Schless is a sophomore at Buffalo Grove High School. She is involved in many music programs, such as choir, acapella and vocal jazz. Outside of school, she likes to volunteer, read, and spend time with friends. Molly also loves going to NFTY events, of course!  Molly thinks of NFTY as a second home and hopes to spread this love to others this upcoming year!!

Aden Weiss – Candidate for Treasurer

Hi NFTYites! My name is Aden Weiss and I am running for NFTY Car Treasurer. I am also part of OPTY. You all may know me from winning the purim costume competition as Borat or from many NFTY events. Outside of NFTY I am a distance runner and also love mexican food. I look forward to meeting with you all to talk about my platform and all things NFTY!

Lauren Tapper – Candidate for Communications Vice President

Hey NFTY-CAR! My name is Lauren Tapper and I’m a sophomore at the University of Chicago Lab Schools. I love to spend time outside, walk my dog on the lakefront, and am an avid New Girl watcher. I’m the Recruitment Chair of my Temples Youth Group, and am a member of my school’s Model UN team. I’m also the co-founder of Covid-TV, an online organization connecting teens from around the world during the Coronavirus Pandemic.