Blog  5 Questions on NFTY Partnership!

5 Questions on NFTY Partnership!

5 Questions on NFTY Partnership! 

Shalom, our names are Lyla Prass and Audrey Honig! As NFTY-CAR’s Membership Vice President and Middle School Coordinator, we worked together to create a middle school experience that was meaningful and fun in the virtual space. We had the opportunity to learn many lessons this year about adults and teens working together, which is one of the best parts of NFTY. We wanted to share a few of our reflections after a great year!

1. What three elements make a good partnership between adults and teens? 

Lyla: Three elements that make a good partnership between adults and teens are communication, delegation, and collaboration. It is essential to always be on the same page so that you can collaborate the best together, but it is also important to delegate and share responsibilities so we both have the chance to grow!

Audrey: Creativity, listening, and fun! Especially a year that looks different than any other, these have been the key ingredients that have made us successful. 

2. When was a time you laughed while working together this year? 

Lyla: Consistently my favorite part of working together was our weekly Monday meetings, specifically our check-ins. We would talk about our week, share funny stories, and just be happy and laugh together! It always puts a smile on my face.

Audrey: I’m glad that we could laugh at all the little tech moments this year! We know they are going to happen no matter what, so it was helpful to have a sense of humor about them. 

3. What is something you are proud of from NFTY678 this year?

Lyla:  I am proud of the way I have seen both the middle schoolers and the high school va’ad members grow as leaders. They have learned so much from each other and with each other, it truly is beautiful to watch.

Audrey: I’m proud of the rituals we formed this year — from fun check-ins in our va’ad meetings to a virtual “high five” at the end of our middle school events. These rituals helped establish a great sense of community that we all got to shape. 

4. What is one thing you’ve learned from each other? 

Lyla: I have learned inexplicable amounts from Audrey. I think one of the most important lessons I learned from Audrey was fun facilitation. No matter what, Audrey brings the fun into everything and is never afraid to go off book to make sure everyone has a good time while still accomplishing all of our goals.

Audrey: Lyla has an amazing way of making every person in a space feel really seen. If someone tells her their favorite ice cream flavor, she will remember that…and overnight ship it to them if they’re having a tough day! This is an amazing quality, but also a great skill that we can all work on over time.

5. Looking towards upcoming years as new partnerships form in NFTY, what is your #1 piece of advice? 

Lyla: A piece of advice I would give is to be honest, build a relationship on trust and communication because you will have the most fun and productive year!

Audrey: Spend lots of time getting to know each other and laughing…it makes the work feel easy!