Meet Our Regional Board

Claire Hershenhouse, President
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Hi NFTY! My name is Claire Hershenhouse and I am excited to be your NFTY-CAR President. I am a rising senior at Glenbrook South High School and I run the Jewish Student Union (JSU) club at my school. In my free time, I like to play soccer, watch That 70's Show, and play ping pong. I love NFTY because it gives me a chance to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones and explore my Judaism.


Elijah Evans, Programming Vice President
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Hey, fellow NFTYites, my name is Elijah Evans and I’m the NFTY-CAR Programming Vice President. I go to Oak Park and River Forest High School and I’m an active member of Oak Park Temple. Outside of NFTY, I play baseball for my school, I’m part of a few school clubs, and I love watching quality Netflix shows. NFTY is an outlet for me to be part of my Jewish community, and learn important life values. It’s also been an amazing way to meet some incredible friends and fellow Jews that I never would have known without NFTY. 

Zoe Haith, Social Action Vice President
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Hey NFTY, my name is Zoe Haith and I am the NFTY-CAR Social Action Vice President. I am a rising senior at Mundelein High School and go to Congregation Or Shalom in Vernon Hills. In my free time, I love to play lacrosse, learn more about Judaism, and participate in the Black Student Union at my school. I love NFTY because I get to learn more about Judaism and gain a bigger connection to the community that I love, along with creating new friendships.

Daryn Kaplan , Religious & Cultural Vice President
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Hi NFTY CAR!! My name is Daryn Kaplan and I’m the NFTY-CAR Religious and Cultural Vice President. I am a rising junior at Evanston Township High School and I go Beth Emet Synagogue. When I’m not partying it up at NFTY events, I spend my time looking forward to when I do get to go to NFTY events, playing guitar and violin, and listening to Legally Blonde. I absolutely love NFTY because it’s a place where I get to express myself, find unique leadership opportunities, and be a part of the most incredible kehilah a girl could ask for!

Lyla Prass, Membership Vice President
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Hey NFTY CAR! My name is Lyla Prass and I am so excited to be your 2020-2021, 5780-5781 Membership Vice President! I am a rising junior at Deerfield High School and an active member in BJBE’s youth group, BJBEsty. In my free time, I love to do all aspects of theatre, sing, hang out with my temple youth group (TYG), and debate at Model UN. NFTY is a place I love so much because it is an incredibly welcoming community where each person can find a home to explore their strengths, Judaism, and leadership and, of course, make new, lifelong friends! NFTY has always been a home to me and so many others, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome others in to make a home for themselves.

Will Martin, Treasurer
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What's up NFTY! My Name is Will Martin, I am a rising senior at Oak Park River Forest High School (OPRF) and I excited to be your NFTY-CAR Treasurer this year. I attend Oak Park Temple and have served as a teacher's assistant there for 4 years. I like to spend my summers at OSRUI, my favorite unit so far is Mosh because of the trips. I like to play volleyball and am hoping to make varsity for my school this year. I love NFTY because of its inclusivity and the friendships you can make even with the short time we spend together. 

Noah Shapiro, Communications Vice President
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Hey NFTY-ites! My name is Noah Shapiro and I am thrilled to be serving as your NFTY-CAR Communications Vice President!! I am a rising junior at Deerfield High School and served as the Programming Vice President and NFTY Liaison for my temple youth group, BJBESTY! When I’m not communicating with others, you can find me performing on stage, daydreaming about travel, and brainstorming programming ideas for my TYG. I keep coming back to NFTY because of the irreplaceable bonds that I have built with so many p


Additional Leaders

Emma Shimovich, Israel Chair
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Hey NFTY CAR, my name is Emma Shimovich and I am so excited to be NFTY CAR’s Israel Chair. I am a senior at Niles North Highschool but I also studied abroad in Israel last semester though URJ’s Heller High. Outside of NFTY, I am the captain of my school’s cross country team, I love singing and playing guitar in my school’s vocal jazz group, and I have a part time job as a swim instructor for the Skokie Park District. I love NFTY because I love being apart of a community full of Jewish teens that are passionate about Israel, Judaism, and Social Action.

NFTY Chicago is governed by a board of teen leaders who are elected by their peers that serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities. The regional board is mentored by a Regional Director of Youth Engagement who oversees all programs and administration. 


Stacy Bernstein


Stacy is a St. Louis native, and grew up at Goldman Union Camp Institute (GUCI). She was involved in NFTY Missouri Valley…