NFTY678 brings the NFTY experience to middle school youth in grades 6 to 8. Our events are designed especially for this age group, providing participants with age-appropriate activities in a safe, welcoming and caring community of peers.

Most events are held in partnership with our local congregations and led by a team of professionals staff, volunteers and teen mentors. Events are held close to home, and include day and overnight activities.

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Some examples of NFTY678 programming include:

  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Chicago Wolves Game
  • Ice Skating
  • Short Film-Making
  • Music Programming
  • Hanukkah Mystery Bus Tour
  • Overnight Retreat at OSRUI

Bring NFTY678 to your community

Visit the NFTY678 Leadership Portal to learn more about our middle school programming model, and to learn how you and your congregation can become part of our NFTY678 community in the Chicago area.

Check out our calendar for the year, and scroll down for our upcoming events!


Sample NFTY678 Junior Youth Group Kallah Schedule

Here's what our weekend looks like.

NFTY678 - Come Live Your Story

by Daniel Jenks, NFTY678 Fellow

On a sunny day in September, as I was driving up I-94 toward Northfield from my home in Oak Park, I reached into a paper bag on my passenger seat. I had stopped to get a bagel with lox and a knish from a local deli. You know, because I was on my way to a NFTY event – you gotta have yourself in the right mindset! As I reached into my bag, I found my bagel but it seemed that my knish was not there. I ate my bagel in a somber sort of disbelief and angst. They didn’t give me my knish! Cranky, I exited and headed to Temple Jeremiah, where I would be helping run the first NFTY Chicago 678 event. 

It turns out I didn’t need a knish to get into the right mindset – a group of thoughtful, creative, and interesting young adults who will be leading the next generation of NFTY, and then the next generation of the reform movement, got me there instead.

Don’t believe in the potential and power of middle schoolers? Watch this video, which we made when the participants took part in a program that aimed to empower them, and show them the value of their stories. They spoke with small groups about themselves and their lives, and then interviewed a partner. Then, their goal was to tell their story. Their stories are important, they have meaning and nuance, and it makes up who they are and who we all really are.

In NFTY Chicago, we’re two NFTY678 events in and pursuing that mission of empowerment in young people, just like NFTY does with high schoolers already. Sign up for our February retreat to see what we’ll do with the rest of this year, and how NFTY678 will go on to shape NFTY Chicago and the nation.