What does it mean to be a NFTYite?
As a NFTYite, you have the opportunity the connect with Reform Jewish teens from across both the Chicago Area Region as well as all of North America. Whether you have a passion for jewish learning, social action, theater, sports or all of the above, NFTY can serve as an outlet for you to express your creativity and become a leader in a fun and thought-provoking atmosphere. As a part of the Chicago Area Region, you can create your own NFTY experience, catered towards your interests and skillset. We hope you take advantage of all that we have to offer and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

To Be a NFTYite

To know that a sore throat from singing your heart out is the greatest feeling in the world
To lose yourself in a community
To find yourself within it
To create countdowns to events and when events are over, countdowns to camp
To have more Facebook friends and Insta followers that are NFTYites than school friends
To have school friends that just don’t get it
To make better friends in three days than you’ve made in three years
To fall in love
To understand that the worst disease in the world is NFTY withdrawal
To understand that the most contagious virus in the world is ruach
To relish in both for as long as possible
To have opinions about everything, yet still possess an open mind
To participate in discussions more challenging than anything you’ve ever encountered at school
To know that, even when you disagree, we are still best friends
To know that NFTY won’t last forever
To cry when it finally ends
To be surrounded by your best friends when the time comes to leave
To understand that there is nothing better than a friendship circle on three hours of sleep (or none at all)
To say “this was the best weekend of my life” after every event
To mean it every time
To sit in the inner circle of the friendship circle as a senior
To know you’re leaving a piece of yourself behind
To know you’ve left NFTY better that it was because you were there