NFTY Chicago Virtual Kolbo

April 3-4, 2020

Coming to your screen!

We are thrilled to share that despite not being able to be together in person as planned at NFTY Chicago Kolbo hosted at OSRUI, that we are still hosting Kolbo, just virtually! There will still be the magic of NFTY, with Israeli dancing, Shabbat, music, meals together, elections, social action, laughter, and great friends. We are excited for all of the possibilities that our first-ever virtual NFTY Chicago Kolbo spring event has instore for us all!

Kolbo Virtual Schedule

You are welcome to come to as many virtual programs or as few as you want. Choose your own adventure!

The only exception are regional board elections. If you marked that you are going to attend elections when you signed up, you must particiapte the entire time. If you do not sign up to attend regional board elections by Saturday, April 4th at 12:00 pm Central, you cannot vote. 

Friday, April 3

1:00 pm - Live Challah Baking with Claire Hershenhouse  (30 minutes) - Challah recipe
4:00 pm - Live Challah Braiding with Claire Hershenhouse(20 minutes)
5:30 pm - Show off your Challah
5:45 pm - Kolbo Welcome and Shabbat blessings with Josh Glucksman, Lisa Silverstein, Joshua Horwich, Julia Waelder, and Matthew Swolsky (25 minutes)
8:15 pm - Mixer Games with Claire Hershenhouse, Seth Flynn, Noah Shapiro, and Lyla Prass (30 minutes) 
9:00 pm - Israeli Dancing (Rikkud) with Seth Flynn
9:45 pm - Virtual movie night (we are watching Jaws)

Saturday, April 4

9:30 am - Challah French Toast Cooking Class with Abby Tzinberg, Ellory Penner, and Shayna Irgang (Get the ingredient list here)
10:30 am - Shabbat Services with Daryn Kaplan, Emma Shimovich, Maya Halpern, and Lisa Silverstein (45 minutes)
12:00 pm - Social Action Lunch and Learn with the Aaron Freeman, Ania Sacks, Lauren Tapper, Jason Tothy, Max Halle-Podell, Josh Glucksman, and Jacob Dunn (45 minutes)
2:00 pm - Regional Board Elections (3 hours with breaks)
8:00 pm - Havdallah (open to alumni) with David Sommer, Lisa Silverstein, and NFTY alumni (Ethan Soloveychik, Jaylyn Fahey, Lizzy Scheinkopf, Matt Rosenblum, and Rabbi Michael Weinberg). This is a different registration link - register here for Havdallah. 
9:00 pm - Beit Cafe Talent Show and Senior Slideshow hosted by Jacob Dunn and Abby Rapoport

Sign up for the Beit Cafe talent show here.

10:00 pm - Senior Program (Seniors only)

Cost: FREE 

This event is free for EVERYONE. All are welcome to join.

Virtual Kolbo Q & A:

Q: Who is eligible to attend NFTY Chicago Kolbo?

A: All Jewish 8th-12th in the Chicago area and northwest Indiana. If you are outside of this area and are interested in attending, please contact Naomi Looper at

Q. I already registered for the original in-person Kolbo. Do I need to sign up again for the virtual Kolbo?

A. Yes, everyone has to sign up again so we know who is planning to join the virtual event. This registration is very short (only takes a minute).

Q.  I don't see the Zoom link, how do I get the link?

A. You will receive the Zoom link once you sign up for the event. It is the same Zoom link for every program during the event.

Q: How do I sign up for Virtual NFTY Chicago Kolbo? 

Sign up HERE by Friday, April 3rd.

Q: How much is virtual NFTY Chicago Kolbo?

A: It is FREE!

Q: Is there a virtual "packing" list?

A: Snacks, comfortable clothes, a cozy blanket, headphones, water, and your computer with a video camera.

Q: Do I have to attend every activity?

A: No you do not. You can pick what works best for you. If you do register for elections, then you must participate the entire time. If you do not register for elections by 12:00 PM Saturday, April 4th then you cannot participate in elections.

Q: How will regional board elections work?

A: To read more about elections, click HERE.

Q: I am a senior. What special senior activities will there still be for me?

A: Kolbo is a special time for seniors since it is their last event at NFTY and an important moment to reflect on their experience in NFTY. Although we cannot be in person together, we are still planning to hold many of the traditional events

The first of these traditions is the “Senior Slideshow” at NFTY Kolbo. Please send in your baby picture, current picture, and any other pictures you want featured (like a senior photo), and any other words of advice or shout outs that you want to mention.  You can also submit reflections of how NFTY has impacted your life to add to the slideshow. If you have a senior special, which is someone who has made a large impact on your NFTY experience, you can also include that here. Please email everything to Ellory Penner, NFTY CAR Communications Vice President by Thursday, April 2. Ellory’s email is

The second tradition is “Senior Wills." Senior wills are an important tradition in NFTY Chicago. They represent the legacy that you want to leave in NFTY and what you want the younger teens to remember you by. All of the senior wills will be published online and released at virtual Kolbo. Please submit all senior wills to Ellory Penner by Thursday, April 2.

Check out past Senior Wills online here:  Example 1   Example 2

Q: I would like to help lead an activity during virtual Kolbo. How do I sign up to lead something?

A: Contact Josh Glucksman, NFTY-CAR president, at