NFTY Chicago's Resource Bank

Welcome to the NFTY-CAR resource bank! Here you can find resources about NFTY 678, board resources, sample legislation/programs and much more! This bank will be updated with new materials throughout the entirety of the year.  

NFTY 101 Resources

NFTY Lingo

Asefah Procedure



Example A

Example B

NFTY Program Format

NFTY Chicago Resources










Scholarship Application


NFTY 678 Training Modules

Want to learn about NFTY 678? Want to receive some insight on how NFTY 678 differs from NFTY?  Want to become a leader for NFTY 678? Take these modules and they will guide you in becoming more knowledgeable revolving NFTY 678! After completing all of the training you have the opportunity to become a NFTY 678 certified leader.

NFTY 678 Mixer Program

Writing a mixer for a NFTY 678 event or a JYG event? Here’s some inspiration from NFTY CANOe’s JYG Kallah 2018 to go off of.

Sample Schedules and Programming

North American Resources and Updates

Upcoming Opportunities


NFTY Mechina is from July 22nd-26th at the URJ Kutz Camp in Warwick, New York.

NFTY Mechina gives leaders in NFTY an opportunity to come to NFTY’s home for the summer to learn and progress alongside leaders throughout the 19 regions of NFTY. There will be network times for incoming boards to receive position specific training, along with incubator tracks for regional delegates to receive knowledge to bring back to their home region.  This is an opportunity for all of our movement to join together for 5 days to get prepared for the year ahead!

NFTY Convention

NFTY Convention will take place February 15-18th in Dallas, Texas.


NFTY's 13 Principles


Youth Group Resources

Leadership Programs

Exploring and Discovering One’s Leadership Qualities

Looking for an educational, fun, AND interactive program?  Well, then this is perfect!  This activity helps to explore one’s prominent leadership skills by taking a quiz, discussing, and eventually making t-shirts!  This is an activity that can be done with a flexible size group in various types of locations! 


Generational Leadership

Looking for an activity that can be great to do at an Old Board/ New Board training or just with a group of intentive leaders?  Here is a generational leadership activity that emphasises the importance of those leaders who came before us and those who will come afterwards.  


Board Resources

President Network Packet

Programming VP Network Packet

Social Action VP Network Packet

Religious and Cultural VP Network Packet

Membership VP Network Packet

Treasurer Network Packet

Communications VP Network Packet


Outreach/Recruitment Scripts

Trying to do personal outreach for a TYG event?  Here is an outline of a phone call and text script to help you out with outreach! Remember, that this is just a guiding script, it does not have to be read word for word;  this is an outline to use to make sure you’re including all of the information you need!

Phone Call Script

Hey (insert name here)! It’s (insert your name) from (insert TYG here)! I am calling because registration for (insert event here) is open and is from (insert dates(s) of events here). (insert event here) is going to be such a blast!  (Insert description of event here) (ex:  We will be having a lock in and will be going ice skating, doing Israeli dancing, and all having dinner!) I promise it will be so much fun! What do you think about signing up right now?

Text Script

Hey (insert name here)! It’s (insert your name) from (insert TYG here)! How are you? So, on (insert date here) we are having (insert event here).  A bunch of high schoolers will be there and you will get the chance to  (give a summary of the event here). I know you’d have an amazing time! I’d love to talk to you about the possibility of you joining us! What do you think?


Event Flyers

Fundraising/PSA Flyers