NFTY Chicago Regional Board Elections

April 3-5, 2020 at NFTY Kolbo, hosted at URJ camp OSRUI

One of the things that makes NFTY unique is that our movement is driven by teens. Teen leaders work in partnership with our adult leadership to develop, implement and evaluate every aspect of our organization, whether it's a program, event, or administrative policy.

Key Dates for Candidates: 

  • Prospective candidates must declare their intention to run for regional board and which position to the current NFTY Chicago Regional President, Josh Glucksman, by Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 to be considered eligible to elect. This declaration must be in writing.
  • Candidates must arrange meetings with their clergy or educator and temple youth group (TYG) advisor in order to discuss their candidacy for Regional Board. Forms certifying that candidates have had these conversations are due Sunday, February 23rd, 2020. Forms must be scanned and emailed to Naomi Looper at The forms are in the election packet. If you do not belong to a congregation or do not have a TYG Advisor, please contact NFTY Chicago Regional Director, Naomi Looper, so you can figure out who to speak to together.
  • Candidates must write a Letter of Intent to be posted on the NFTY Chicago website prior to elections. Letters of Intent are due Sunday, March 8th, 2020 to Naomi Looper at

A Note From Our President

Dear Prospective NFTY-CAR Regional Board Candidates-

Just by finding this, thank you for being curious about how to take the next step with your leadership in our region! Going to NFTY events since being an underclassman, I always looked up to the regional leaders. It was always astonishing to wrap my head around the fact that these teen leaders could plan whole weekend-long events and help maintain this community year-round. Running for the regional board is showing that you care about emulating all of these amazing accomplishments and making NFTY-CAR continue to inspire young leaders—a perpetual l'dor vador. Regional board will challenge you in unique ways and make you utilize a leadership toolkit that is different from anything else. I hope you all run for board—you won't regret it!


Josh Glucksman

NFTY-CAR President, 2019-2020

Letter of Intent Examples:

Every candidate must write a letter of intent, which explains your platform, vision, and qualifications. Letters of intent will be will be posted on the NFTY Chicago website prior to elections. This letter must be ready to be copied and should be no longer than 1 page, double-sided. Letters will appear in color on the website, and copies will be made by NFTY in black and white to hand out at elections. You may bring your own copies of your Letter of Intent if you want them in color at elections.

These examples are meant to give you an idea of what past letters have looked like, please be creative with your own vision. NFTY has a zero-tolerance for plagiurism. If you plagiarize your letter of intent from an older letter, you will be disqualified as a candidate.