NFTY is an organization built on teen leadership. In order to offer as many leadership opportunities as possible, NFTY-CAR has created the NFTY-CAR Va’ad (formerly known as the NFTY-CAR Cabinet or Committees). All rising 9th-12th graders are eligible to apply.

Being on the NFTY-CAR Va’ad will provide you the opportunity to be part of the decision making and planning process around topics about which you are passionate.

We chose to change the name to Va’ad which means committee in Hebrew in order to incorporate one of NFTY’s 13 Principles, Ivrit (Hebrew). Learn more about NFTY's 13 Principles here.

Being part of The Va’ad is a great leadership opportunity to move NFTY in the direction that you want. We hope you all consider this opportunity!



Program Va’ad
Social Action Va’ad
Songleader Va’ad
Israel Va’ad
NFTY678 Va’ad
Merch Va’ad
Media Va’ad

The Application Process

After we receive your application, the regional board member that oversees the Va'ad that you applied for will reach out to you to schedule a brief phone or video conference interview. This interview is a way for us to get to know you a bit more and a chance for you to ask questions.

If you have general questions about the process, please contact Claire Hershenhouse, NFTY Chicago Area Region President, at or Naomi Looper, NFTY Area Manager, at

Thank you for taking the first step in being a leader in this special community.


The NFTY Chicago Area Region (CAR) Regional Board, 2020-2021/5780-5781


The Responsibilities for Each Va'ad Member:

**All Va'ad members are responsible for ensuring that NFTY is an inclusive space where all are welcomed.

Program Va'ad
Led by Elijah Evans, NFTY-CAR Programming Vice President,

  • Work directly with the Programming Vice President
  • Oversee other Va’ad programs by helping to write, edit, and execute their ideas
  • Help organize program schedules
  • Create and write programs
  • Take on a role as a regular program leader in our community

Social Action Va'ad
Led by Zoe Haith, NFTY-CAR Social Action Vice President,

  • Work directly with the Social Action Vice President
  • Partner with the Religious Action Center
  • Serve as liaison between the region and regional board about the region's interest in social action
  • Help mobilize the community to take part in social action projects and opportunities to make social change in our community and world
  • Be an advocate on social action topics about which you are passionate

Songleader Va'ad
Led by Daryn Kaplan, NFTY-CAR RCVP,
*You do not have to play an instrument to be part of this Va'ad.

  • Work directly with the Religious and Cultural Vice President
  • Attend Songleader practices. Right now they are happening every Friday at 4 PM central, but the time may adjust as we start to summer and then next school year. Scheduling will depend on availability of the group during the school year.
  • Work with the Religious and Cultural Vice President to organize services and song sessions for the community

Israel Va'ad
Led by Emma Shimovich, Israel Chair,

  • Work directly with the Israel Chair, Emma Shimovich
  • Educate the region on Israeli history and current events
  • Plan and run Israel programs
  • Create an open environment in the region to discuss Israel
  • Provide opportunities for teens to learn about Israeli traditions

NFTY678 Va'ad
Led by Lyla Prass, NFTY-CAR Membership Vice President,

  • Work directly with the Membership Vice President
  • Engage with NFTY 6th-8th graders
  • Help plan NFTY678 events (how we gather may look different next year, so we will need to be flexible with this)
  • Be available for potential recruitment opportunities high schoolers, middle schoolers, and synagogue staff

Merch Va'ad
Led by Will Martin, NFTY-CAR Treasurer,

  • Work directly with the NFTY-CAR Treasurer
  • Collaborate on the designs for clothing and accessories that will be sold in the future at NFTY-CAR gatherings
  • Create fundraisers for NFTY-CAR
  • Help sell merchandise at designated times during NFTY programs

Media Va'ad

Led by Noah Shapiro, NFTY-CAR Communications Vice President,

  • All Media Team Va'ad members will work directly with the NFTY-CAR Communications Vice President

Media Va'ad is broken into four teams, please indicate which team you want to be on when you answer the question "Why do you want to be on the NFTY-CAR Va'ad?".

  • Photographers: Photographers will be responsible for taking pictures, and sending them to Noah to be posted.
  • Graphic Designers: Graphic Designers will have the ability to create graphics for NFTY-CAR social media platforms.
  • Bloggers: Bloggers will be responsible for writing about events, or anything NFTY related that you feel passionate about.
  • Videographers: You will be responsible for recording clips of videos, and compiling them, to get posted on the NFTY-CAR Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo.